Summer Haiku #14

Fluttering above,
Life’s worries look for homes.
Hide your welcome mats.


Summer Haiku #12

Pudgy fingers type
Telling feelings that perish
In coward’s dry throat.


Summer Haiku #11

Cupid said “O.K.”
Yet feet still paused, telling heart–
“Maybe next time, love.”


Summer Haiku #10

Kissing wasn’t bad

until my tongue tasted his

flavor on your lips.

Now even ice cream

seems a joy of summer past 

for my lips are numb.


loved this pic


NOLP Haiku #2

My Second American Life

Tomorrow will come

shedding light on your night crime.

Revenge makes me smile

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Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 12.46.54 AM
When wives become disloyal in Peoria, Husband of the Year (HOY) Club members know exactly how to serve up revenge–send wives away in a taxi and throw a celebratory BBQ. 

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