A Love Story

How would you celebrate your 100th day anniversary in Seoul? Retra and Betty, Yonsei college sweethearts, decided to go back to where their love affair had begun, but they didn’t realize it was also where their love affair would end.

They were eating sweet and spicy chicken and drinking chilled Cass beer on the Han River near Hannam Bridge. At exactly 10 pm they decided they would confess their undying love by putting on sparkling, silver necklaces that had a Yonsei charm. As the clock struck 10, a sharp, steel knife came crashing into their skulls, causing they to drop like candy from a pinata. Betty could feel the warm, insipid blood running into her mouth; she could barely see Retra’s motionless body just as her eyes closed.

When they awoke, they were somewhere between the green grass and the cloudy sky; they were floating above the river. They moaned loudly like a werewolf at the glowing moon. “We will get our revenge on the lovers of Han River!” they promised as they pinkie swore.

Hovering over the calm river, they felt nothing, not the cool breezes nor the refreshing splashes of falling water. However, they could hear crystal clear the innocent giggles of other college sweethearts. They glided to the young couple with large machetes in their pale hands and spite in their blackened eyes. They were fired up and ready to celebrate their love with 100 splashes of blood.


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