A Game in Seoul — A Novel for the Curious

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bruinbutterfly indie publishing

Makgeolli Nights in Seoul

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What’s your favorite night game? For Americans Abby & Danso there’s only one game to play–the mind game of ex-lovers. And there’s no better place to play than in Shillim.

Shillim, one of Seoul’s famed red light districts, is holding a secret that Abby is determined to find. As an ambitious investigator reporter, Abby is researching a story and looking for a mysterious woman involved in the sex trafficking business of Shillim. Unable to track down the mysterious woman, Abby turns to her ex Danso, an adoptee searching for his family identity in Shillim. Reluctant to get involved with the shady side of Seoul, Danso eventually agrees to help Abby and go undercover as a customer in the adult entertainment scene. As the exposé delves into the complex and kinky side of Korea, Abby & Danso must fight their urges to fall in love again. Will these Americans…

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