Summer Haiku #5 (redo)

How I think of you!
Moments fade but more appear.
Hope, why die slowly?

I’m struggling with this one. Any suggestions?


Click Here to Read: Espera No Mas/Waiting for God

Click Here to Read: Espera No Mas/Waiting for God

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Espera No Mas/Waiting for God!


How do you find GOD when your religion fails you? 

As mi mami says, I was ‘detrás del palo,’ but I knew I had to try something to answer my soul’s question. So, I crossed the ocean and went down to Laos to find GOD. 
I know it might seem silly, an improbable idea that one doesn’t even think up at 2am, half-asleep/half-dreaming. Especially not a Catholic (a “bien Catolico” as Tia Carmen calls people), who was born and raised in Ecuador, which means receiving confirmation, crossing myself with each passing of a church, which is often in Ecuador, and attending mass on holidays and mi mami’s birthday. 

And like any good Catholic boy raised in The Church, I was molested. 

As they say, I had ‘some issues’ I needed to deal with and I couldn’t do it at home where those memories of Father Mahoney were so strong and vivid. So I quit university and left Ecuador for the first time in my 19 years of living. With a bag of ‘hush money’ (or a ‘love gift’ as the European Father called it), I stepped out on a mustard seed of hope and a prayer buried deep within me that God would somehow find me in the land of a million elephants.


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Support Indie Novels & Fresh Writing!

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